Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random/Cool Science Stuff

I don't have a review for Nonfiction Monday, which will be hosted at The Miss Rumphius Effect tomorrow. But take a look at these intriguing science-type items I discovered the past few days while blog-surfing:

First, Chicken Spaghetti clues us in about International Rock-Flipping Day, which takes place on September 20. Far from being a neo-pagan ritual or a boyish sport, this is about seeing what's living beneath your local rocks.

Then there's the latest from the International Space Station, where rookie astronauts inform us that outer space has a smell.

And over on Leftwriter, KC Dyer recently provided a link to a very cool chart comparing the size of Earth, other planets, and our sun to bigger and bigger stars... prepare to feel dinky!

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Carrie Harris said...

Outer space has a smell? That is the coolest thing.