Thursday, June 21, 2012

Join the Audio/Video Club

After the first two came along, I thought I'd share and add a few more clips and picks...

Someone singing to one of my poems in a bookstore. No, really!

Here's her soundcloud melody and arrangement in case you have my book and want to sing along. Looks like her name is Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus. Arrangement by Paul Raiman. Kind of pretty, huh? Apparently this is a thing she does. (See her blog here and the specific entry for Water Sings Blue here.) Thanks, Emily!

"More Than a Number," lyrics by Poem Farm poet Amy Ludwig VanDerwater with music and performance by Barry Lane. Great thoughts about real kids vs. standardized test subjects.

Everybody Dies book trailer by Ken Tanaka. A strangely compelling book trailer. Though the art struggles in comparison to the illustrations in, say, Everybody Poops.

—Not like iPad needs any help from me, but I am about to buy a Mac and this is a great little parody (also out in actual picture book form): Goodnight iPad. Nice reference to Angry Birds, too.

How to Write a Children's Book—Not. Two so-so ideas plus eight things I completely disagree with, e.g., the suggestion to add a message of some kind. (Yikes!) Plus the whole formulaic approach in general. But the artwork is kind of cute!

—And last but not least, John Green's Crash Course World History #17. After all those teasers about "The Mongols: The Exception," we finally get an entire crash course (11 minutes plus) about the Mongols! Called, naturally, "Wait for It... The Mongols." (Warning: Starts with an ad. When I watched, it was a Duracell ad in Spanish. Random.) Watch the entire series if you like your history mixed with John Green's brand of humor.


Gerb said...

Loved the WATER SINGS BLUE song. How cool is that? Fun links. Thank you! (And welcome (soon) to the world of Mac!)

KateCoombs said...

Thanks, Linda!

Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus said...

Dear Kate,
By hook and crook I ran across your post with links to the tune that came to me while standing in a bookstore for your beautiful poem "Song of the Boat," from WATER SINGS BLUE. My friend Paul made the instrumental part/sing-along for me and I've sung the poem in classrooms and libraries along with the also beautiful illustration by Meilo So. I've been doing this as an educational/musical enrichment program for children in classrooms and libraries, singing songs that have been made into picture books (everything from "Sunshine on My Shoulders" and "Surrey with the Fringe On Top" to "Amoeba Hop" and a few books I've made myself for educational songs like "Fifty Nifty States"). It's so great for the children to experience live performance and exposure to songs (and poems!) that they might otherwise not have gotten a chance to hear and learn. This project is also great for things like emergent literacy. Thank you for making wonderful poetry and stories for children to read (and sing!) Wishing you all the best, Emily (

KateCoombs said...

Emily--Poetry, music, art; all these things feed our souls. I used to teach K-3, and I remember my students loved to sing the folk songs I taught them, esp. Erie Canal! Thanks for your thoughts and for what you do. --Kate