Monday, February 18, 2013

New Harry Potter Art

Just a tidbit thanks to Publisher's Weekly: new cover art for the Harry Potter series by Amulet author/illustrator Kazu Kibuishi. (See also my review of Kibuishi's book, Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, which was published last March.)

Here's the first cover, for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. My immediate thoughts are that Hagrid is really the focus of this painting and that thanks to Hedwig, Harry looks like he has angel wings. Love the shadowy blue tone and the choice of Diagon Alley for the setting. What do you think?


Tabatha said...

The man in the front left makes me think of a rather somber March Hare. I like this cover a lot! Thanks for pointing it out.

Unknown said...

I thought the same thing as you did. Hagrid is the focus and Harry has wings. But I still like it. It's modern and fun.

Kim Aippersbach said...

Oh, I really love it! It's the perfect scene to illustrate, too. Kibuishi really captured the sense of "we're just going about our normal, everyday business, but WE'RE MAGIC," and Harry's amazed happiness that he's part of this world now.

Jenny said...

Although I know there's no reason for me to buy these editions when they come out, I am still crazy excited about the new covers. I was never wild about the Mary Grandpre covers for the first four books -- the last three are better -- so it's neat to see another artist's take. Plus, Hagrid!

KateCoombs said...

Dena--Oh, I like it very much, too! I was just noticing things. :)

Jenny--I have been known to buy second copies of beloved books because I like the new cover art. And as you said, Hagrid.

Kim--That's a great way of putting it!

Tabatha--Perhaps an homage?

LinWash said...

I like the new cover and I'm a fan of the old covers. But you're right: Hagrid stands out more.