Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dragon Pages

I'm all excited because the new pages are up on my author's website for The Runaway Dragon (coming out September 1)! Check them out. They're like DVD extras on my semi-sprawling site. Thanks to Barb Aeschliman of Jaleroro Web Designs for her wonderful work in bringing my ideas to life. The pages are "Malison's To Do List" (Malison being an evil teen sorceress), "Naming a Dragon," and "Squirrel Stuff."

Plus I added "Half the Kingdom," the short story that partly inspired The Runaway Princess, while I was at it.

(And now, back to our regular programming!)


Jennifer said...

ok, here is a long and involved Runaway Dragon question. I got Runaway Princess for our library (because I loved it!) and our cataloger decided to put it in YA (which is upstairs. It's circ'd ok, but not as great as I had expected. children's/juvenile is downstairs). I felt like it was more a juvenile book - 11/12s. Although we have a lot of younger fantasy in our YA. But we have Harry Potter and Ingo our juvenile. So, I'm thinking ahead...maybe when we get Runaway Dragon (you'll be happy to know you've survived my recent book budget cuts) I should move Runaway Princess downstairs and put them both in juvenile. What age do you see your main audience as? *anxious look*

Jennifer said...

oh, and of course wherever we put it, I will read it FIRST! b/c librarians gotta have some perks!

Kate Coombs said...

I've received some fan mail from teens, but I've always considered the books juvenile lit, for the 9-12 crowd. So no, I really wouldn't put them in YA. Thanks for your interest, Jennifer--I'm relieved to hear I bypassed the budget guillotine!

storyqueen said...

I cannot wait to read it, Kate! It sound like so much fun!


Jennifer said...

Excellent. With your backup, I'm going to bring this up to the cataloguer. We're going to move the teen area soon, so this is the perfect time to get some of those borderline books back where they belong in the juvenile shelves!