Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enchanted Inkpot Repost at SFWA

Okay, I'm pleased about this! The post I wrote at The Enchanted Inkpot on fairy tale retellings has been reposted (with my permission, of course) at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America blog (SFWA). Yay! Here's the link in case you missed it the first time or just want to take a look. Be sure to check out the comments at the original post, since I only listed a handful of retellings, then asked people to talk about their favorites in the comments. (It was really more of a discussion starter!)

Art by John Waterhouse, "Miranda and the Tempest."


Chachic said...

Congrats! I really like that post about retellings. :)

Kate Coombs said...

Thanks, Chachic!

Karen S. Scott said...

Congratulations! Fun to have your great post picked up by another blog. Good news!