Monday, July 6, 2009

Harry Potter Prize Pack Winners

The results are in! And by the way, I simply did a drawing. Because we ended up touching on grief situations, I felt it was inappropriate for me to select any of the winners personally. So here are the names of the five winners:
  • Silverhartgirl

  • Roswell

  • Shooting Stars Mag

  • Robin Titan

  • SMD
CONGRATULATIONS! (And no, I did not do this alphabetically! It just so happened that all of the winners started with R and S!)

If you are a winner, please e-mail your snail mail address to me at author at katecoombs dot com, which is also linked from my author's website. I will then have the books sent to you. Note that it may take a few weeks, as I am not the actual sender. As for the rest of you, like me, you will have to console yourselves by seeing the movie.


silverhartgirl said...

Thank you so much

stacey dempsey said...

thank you this is great i have emailed you back

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's hilarious about the R's and S's. LOL But thank you so much.