Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogger Award - Thank You!

Charlotte Taylor of Charlotte's Library, my favorite sci-fi/fantasy site for children's books, recently gave me a blogging award, the Pertinent Posts Award. Thank you very much, Charlotte!

So whose blogs do I find pertinent? Well, Betsy Bird of Fuse #8 hardly needs me to commend her blog, and Charlotte GAVE me the award, so I can't very well name hers. I have also honored some of my other favorites in the past with previous awards.

I will therefore refer you to a few different children's book or fantasy blogs that I currently consider pertinent:

The Miss Rumphius Effect and poet Laura Salas's blog both offer poetry workshops/challenges that I look forward to happily each week.

Then there's Diamonds and Toads, a blog that focuses on fairy tales in a grown-up, university-ish way, where I've found some interesting tidbits and conversations.

I find I'm becoming increasingly hooked on another blog I'm sure is well known, but I'll say it just the same: Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast has the most gorgeous interviews, mostly with children's book illustrators, though occasionally with authors.

And a new favorite, Kinderscares, promises to fill a niche nicely, blogging about horror for children, MG and picture books with the occasional YA thrown in for good measure.

You may have noticed that my blog roll is very long. I blame Jen Robinson... No, really, I just think there are a lot of great blogs out there in Kidlitosphere! And every so often I check them all, or update by adding something new and fun. So if you're ever bored on a Saturday afternoon or can't sleep some night, try a few of those blogs.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

I'm so late in getting to this, but thank you! I really appreciate it.

Congrats to you, too.

laurasalas said...

I'm even later than Jules! I thought I had thanked you for citing my blog, but--looks like I didn't. Thank you, Kate!