Saturday, June 12, 2010

Run Away with a Book - Summer Giveaway

Yes, I do write books! For this giveaway, I will send the winner copies of ALL THREE of my published books. (Next year I'll have two more out.) That would be an original folktale called The Secret-Keeper (picture book), a comic middle grade fantasy called The Runaway Princess, and a sequel called The Runaway Dragon.

To enter, leave a comment listing some of the books you've been wanting to read this summer, whether they just came out, are about to come out, or you missed them somehow and want to play catch-up. I will do a drawing from the comments after the giveaway closes at midnight on June 25th.

And by the way, it's not just the kids who get excited about the school year ending: we teachers are counting the minutes! The beach is calling... Beach pictured is in Terasawa, Japan, but I guess I can settle for Santa Monica or Leo Carillo, since I live in L.A.

(Of course, summer school is calling, too. I'm trying not to listen.)

Books I am looking forward to reading? There are sooo many, but here are just a few: Magic Below Stairs by Caroline Stevermer (out this week!), a picture book by Candace Ryan called Animal House (July), and Scumble by Ingrid Law (August).

Please remember to check back, or leave your contact info in your comment.

Update #1: Chachic wants to know if this giveaway is international. Yep! It's a global community of readers, and I can't bear to leave you out just because I might have to ship a package to Ireland or the Philippines.

Update #2: This giveaway is now over. The winner will be announced shortly.


Chachic said...

Oooh I'd love to read your books! Is the giveaway international? If yes, then please include me. I've been wanting to read Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols but it's still not available over here (in the Philippines) and also the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Hope you have a great time at the beach this summer! :)

Kate Coombs said...

Chachic--It's definitely international! In fact, I've added a note about that because of your question, so thanks for bringing it up.

Charlotte said...

gosh, I feel conflicted about entering. One the one hand I love your books, and have already read and reviewed them, and have shared them by donating my copies to the library so others could enjoy, so I don't have my own. On the other hand, I love your books, and so naturally would love my own copies....


Kate Coombs said...

Charlotte--Enter away! Book love means never having to say you're sorry. :)

Jennifer said...

Ooo, enter me too then! I also am waiting desperately to read Magic Below Stairs (the copy I ordered for our library isn't here yet) and I am looking forward to reading The Basilisk's Lair by R. L. LaFevers (I saved my ARC from ALA Midwinter and I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to dip in. I pre-ordered new mysteries by Kerry Greenwood, so I'm on tenterhooks for those...I have one more new Chalet School book to read! And I really, really want to read A Most Improper Magick by Stephanie Burgis. I could keep going of course...

Cynthia said...

I can't not wait for mockingjay. August!

Anna Staniszewski said...

Hooray! Let's see, I'm really looking forward to reading Dark Life by Kat Falls - it's sitting at the top of my reading pile, grinning at me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cynthia! I'm anxiously awaiting Mockinjay. I'm also looking forward to The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and knocking off a bunch from my reading list for the year. School was out for me before memorial day so I've already made a dent in my summer reading. I finally got around to reading The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner and loved it. Now it's on to the next book. I'd love to add your books to my stack of reading. :)

Kate Coombs said...

Everyone has such good taste in books! I confess I'm behind on my Suzanne Collins...

TGB--I just read The Education of Bet; it was fun, but I wish it were longer. And Turner's Thief and sequels are some of the best books I've EVER read!

Tan said...

I have the Narnia books piled on my bedside table. I'm ashamed to admit that I've only ever read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The set is actually my daughter's, but I've stolen it for a pre-read.

And we had our first beach day today. Yay summer!

NatalieSap said...

Oh, I have way too many books I want to read! I try to catch up on my adult fiction over the summer, so I'm hoping to read The Help, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and maybe an older classic or two. But I'm swamped with children's and YA to-reads as well - small confession: I currently have your two Runaway books checked out of the library, as they came highly recommended by a friend, so I hope to dive into them soon. I'm also looking forward to Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George (May), My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares (June), Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (July), and The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June by Robin Benway (August) to name a few. Oh! And I want to read the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. Phew, I need to get reading!

Chachic said...

Yay, thanks so much for making the giveaway international! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, looky! I pop over here and there's a giveaway!* I have yet to work out a decent system for keeping up with blogs I can't feed through livejournal, so I only tend to get over here to catch up when I see you linked from somewhere else-- today it was your review of Oh No! from Fuse#8's review of the same. And that said, to answer your question, now that Mac Barnett has become my newest literary crush, I am looking forward to reading all his books that are not "The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity" since I already read and loved that one. Otherwise... sheesh that's a hard question. My list is so long I just have to wait until I see a book and then say "Yes, that one! I want to read that one!" I could say "Mockingjay," but that is lame and obvious and everyone says that. I am CURRENTLY reading (you may be glad to hear) DWJ's "Enchanted Glass," and I suppose I look forward to continuing to read it. And the books that are in my pile from the library that I haven't gotten to yet are Karen Cushman's "Alchemy and Meggy Swann," Dene Low's "Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone," and Terry Pratchett's "Unseen Academicals." I look forward to them, too.

*And I liked your books and have been thinking that I need to get copies of my very own. Of course, I was thinking that I ought to BUY my own copies because I like you and want to support you, but I'm all about free when the opportunity presents itself, too.

Unknown said...

I'm most looking forward to reading the third book in the Hunger Games series, but I don't think it comes out until the very end of summer...
In the meantime I just picked up Into the Wild Nerd Yonder which I've been hearing raves about and have finally found time to read.
mearley1979 (at) gmail (dot) com

Sheri said...

Hi Kate - I would love to win copies of your books. I read Runaway Princess for the Georgia Children's Book Award last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

hspruitt [at] juno dot com

Lindsay said...

Amongst many others, I am hoping to read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and YOURS now that I know they exist! :)

MalteseLizzieMcGee said...

I've got a humongous reading list this summer. I've never read Pride and Prejudice, so that will be first on my list, followed by Pride nad Prejudice and Zombies. I'd also like to read more Terry Pratchett: I keep seeing 'Unseen Academicals' everywhere and I'm longing to buy it. As for graphic novels I'd love to read 'We3' and 'Pride of Baghdad'. Oh, and I was thinking of ordering '13 Reasons Why' and 'Megan'.
But first, my constitutional law exam . . .
I wish the last book of the Inheritance Cycle would come out: the suspense is maddening

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

Well, I've finally gotten my hands on A Wizard of Mars (Diane Duane). I'm looking forward to Scumble (Ingrid Law) and Zombies Vs Unicorns (Holly Black and Justine Larbalastier), amongst others.

Unknown said...

Here is a list of library books that are currently stacked on my kitchen counter to read this summer:
parrot in the oven
war dances
life of Pi
sharp teeth
me talk pretty one day
black juice
love that dog
technically, it's not my fault
an american plague

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read any of your books! I know...I just cringed. I probably shouldn't have written that, but it is true. Obviously, I'd welcome some books by you and I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!

Unknown said...

I loved the Runaway Princess, so the Runaway Dragon is on my to read list for the summer. I also want to (finally) read the Sisters Grimm series and the new one by E.D. Baker. Can you tell I'm a children's librarian? What are adult books? ;-)

Kate Coombs said...

So now I'm adding books from YOUR lists to MY list!

LOVE the title, Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone. And hey, did you hear (over at Fuse #8) that Terry Pratchett has a new Tiffany Aching book coming out in the fall? It's called I Shall Wear Midnight and is scheduled for late September. Joy, joy, bliss!

Linda, I'm with you... my adult books are few and far between. I did like the girl in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Alan Bradley), but then, that book is about a kid!

Bridget R. Wilson said...

The books I'm waiting to read this summer are the newest installments in series that I love, but my library doesn't have them yet. I like to support my library all I can.

The books are:
1. The Inside Story by Michael Buckley (Sisters Grimm)
2. The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye by Nancy Springer (Enola Holmes)
3. The God of the Hive by Laurie R. King (Mary Russell)

P.S. Loved The Runaway Princess. Can't wait to read the sequel. Thanks for offering the giveaway!


Brimful Curiosities said...

What a wonderful book set to give away. We'd love to own your books, especially the middle grade fantasys as a I'm pretty sure my daughter will want to read them in a few years.

I have high hopes this summer to read some of those on my ever growing list. Here are a few:
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall
Operation Redwood by S. Terrrell French

My friends tell me I must read The Help by Kathryn Stockett, so that's on the list as well.

SaRi said...

Oh, a copy of your books would be wonderful. What I want to read this summer:

Where the Mountain meets the moon
anything by Michael Mopurgo
a novel by Richard Peck
reread Meg Rosoff
read more by Alice Munro
The Book of Fire
One Day

MonsterAteMy said...

On my summer list:

A Conspiracy of Kings
The Iron King
The Deathday Letter
Eyes Like Stars
Love that Dog
Magic Below Stairs and of course,

Karen said...

All of a Kind Family.

wmmahaney said...

I would love to win copies! I am looking forward to reading the 10th book in the 39 Clues series. I always have a stack of books to read, and every blog I read always adds more.

Shelly said...

I was very excited when I found your site. I had just finished Falling In, and was looking to see what other readers thought about the book. I was excited to see your review on The Boneshaker, because that is next on my list of summer reads. I can't wait to start it now! Thank you for sharing your insight with all of us readers.