Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Website News

My author's website is nothing if not sprawling, and it has just grown again: I've put up pages for my upcoming picture book, Hans My Hedgehog, and for my upcoming poetry collection, Water Sings Blue. Thanks to my website designer, Barb Aeschliman of Jaleroro Web Designs, for all her hard work!

Check out the Hans book page and a page of hedgehog facts, plus the Water Sings Blue book page (with the title poem) and a seashell gallery (from my own collection).

I'm especially happy because Hans My Hedgehog has garnered two starred reviews in the past few weeks, one from Kirkus and one from Publisher's Weekly. Of course, a lot of the credit goes to illustrator John Nickle, whose artwork is just amazing!

Happy sigh...

Note: I am also exploring the wonders of Twitter, if you'd like to check it out. My username is KateCoombs13.


Linda B said...

Both books look wonderful & I loved the shells, as I love the ocean. I know what you mean; it's difficult to pile shells together, because I want to see them more easily. You have some beautiful ones! The Hans book is darling. I always wanted to have a hedgehog as a class pet, but they're nocturnal & it wasn't a good idea. I imagine that different ages of children will like the story. Congratulations!

Charlotte said...

Congratulations on your stars, Kate! I'm looking forward to meeting Hans myself.

LinWash said...

Wow! Congratulations! I love the Hans fairy tale, so I can't wait to read your book! When will it and your poetry book debut?

Brandy said...

So excited about both of these. Now even more so!

KateCoombs said...

Thanks, you guys!

Linda, the pet hedgehog book I got said you can train hedgehogs to sleep at night, but then, it also said that if they bite you, you should just hold still till they let go, so I don' know if you really want to go there. :)

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Congratulations, Kate! I'm so happy for you, and off to shop my copies.

In early this evening with my PF post. Will I ever be able to read and comment on the posts of others again? For now I just try to keep writing and posting a little in between the monstrously consuming teaching.

See you sometime this weekend, I hope! http://myjuicylittleuniverse.blogspot.com

Riley Roam said...

Hi Kate,

I too am a "Book Aunt" as well as a "Storyologist." I wanted to let you know that I featured your blog in my newsletter and on my blog www.PageTurnerAdventures.com/blog. Thanks for all the great information and congratulations on the excellent reviews.