Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Award from Charlotte's Library

Thanks to Charlotte of Charlotte's Library for giving my site the beauteous “One Lovely Blog Award”! I will note that Charlotte seems to be a fellow fantasy fan and posts reviews of so many books I’ve either read or am wanting to read that I feel like reading her blog instead of working on my own posts. However, I beg to differ with Charlotte’s About Me, formatted as “X by day, Y by night.” You see, traditonally the X would be something mundane (e.g., Clark Kent’s day job), while the Y would be something a bit odd (e.g., Clark Kent’s night job). Yet Charlotte’s About Me reads, “Archaeologist by day, president of the Friends of a small New England library by night.” Setting aside the fact that “Friends of a small New England library” sounds like an Illluminati-type secret society, how cool is that? “Archaeologist by day!” Now I'm wondering what slice of history Charlotte studies, of course.

In thinking about passing the award along, I quickly realized that Laura Salas has been adding to my personal joy with her 15 Words or Less Poems--I really like reading everyone else’s poems, as well as adding one myself every so often. (And where does she get those intriguing photos?) Her other posts are also a delight. It’s official: Laura Salas has created “One Lovely Blog.”


Angela said...

Congratulations on your blog award.

And I think your blog idea is a great one. I love children's books, always have, so I've enjoyed looking through your reviews.

Charlotte said...

Oh, my first try commenting dosen't seem to have taken--it contained a rather nice pun, if I say so who shouldn't, that sometimes one gets tired of being an archaeologist, and wants to throw in the trowel (ha ha ha).

Kate Coombs said...

Archaeologist humor, huh? I'll bet there are some mummy jokes, too! I don't know any English major jokes, but I'm told (rather blandly) that teachers have class. My favorite joke these days goes like this: A priest, a blonde, and a lawyer walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Is this a joke?"