Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hunger Games Teaser Trailer

It's out, the first trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games movie! Take a look, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.com. At a glance, I'd say Jennifer Lawrence makes a pretty good Katniss. And I like the way they have the fire and her arrow transitioning to the mockingjay pin. (You will have to skip the first ad and sit through another quick one... maybe YouTube has a cleaner copy.)

Update: Thanks to Amy of Amy's Library of Rock for referring us to Jezebel, who provides an ad-free copy of the trailer. Plus the girl's blog post has the alluring title, "Watch the Hunger Games Teaser Trailer and Do the Pee-Pee Dance!"

Can't argue with that.


Anonymous said...

My friend sent me the trailer via Jezebel.com and their copy didn't have any ads: http://jezebel.com/5835311/watch-the-hunger-games-teaser-trailer-and-do-the-pee+pee-dance

Of course reading the comments on any site that isn't full of regular YA-lit readers gets frustrating-- there's a lot of support here, but still, every non-book site/blog/etc that posts something about this, the comments are FULL of people making assumptions and judgements entirely in light of it being YA, and it's like, "GET OVER YOUR I'M-SO-TOO-MATURE HANGUPS AND ACCEPT THAT YA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LEVEL OF QUALITY ALREADY, PLEASE, PEOPLE!" Anyway...

KateCoombs said...

Amy--thanks, I'll put this up! And I know what you mean; I try not to read the comments outside of regular blogs because they tend to be immature and attention-getting, unfortunately.