Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Writing Class

It occurred to me that I should let you know I'm teaching an online class about writing for kids in July. Last summer I taught a class on picture books and middle grade, which ended up being a fairly tricky combo, so this year it'll be MG and YA instead. You're welcome to join us! Here's the info:

July 5-30, 2010
"Creating Strong Middle Grade & YA Fiction"
by Kate Coombs
$30 at

You want to be the next Roald Dahl, E. B. White, or even J. K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer, but how do you get from here to there? The answer, of course, is to make your manuscript strong enough to stand our in a crowded, competitive field. Join us for a workshop in which we get you started or refine the work you've already drafted with an eye toward improving your chances for publication. If possible, try to have at least one chapter of your manuscript written when class begins, however rough it may be.

Course topics include:

* Good/bad news - where your book falls in today's market
* Targeting hidden obstacles that keep books from fulfilling their potential
* Strengthening character and plot
* Tightening text, brightening language
* From irresistible beginnings to slam-bang endings
* Finding your spot and maximizing your voice
* Tips about submissions and publishers
* Developing new children's book projects

Kate Coombs has three books in print, a 2006 Parents' Choice Recommended picture book called The Secret-Keeper and a 2007 American Library Association Notable Book called The Runaway Princess along with a well-reviewed sequel, The Runaway Dragon. Kate has three more books coming out in 2011-2012. In addition, she maintains a children's book review blog called Book Aunt. Kate has also worked as a college writing teacher, a K-12 teacher, and a curriculum specialist.


Charlotte said...

"three more books coming out in 2011-2012" yay! Good for you, Kate--I can't wait to here more about them.

Kate Coombs said...

(Hmm, Blogger ate my reply! I'll try again.) Thanks, Charlotte, and here's the run-down: Next spring I have a book of ocean poems coming out, then Summer 2011 it'll be a picture book retelling of Grimms' Hans-My-Hedgehog. My other picture book is still waiting for an illustrator, but it's a funny contemporary fantasy called The Tooth Fairy Wars. Then my agent is shopping a YA paranormal (no vampires!) and, pretty soon, an MG retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." (Which I starting writing well BEFORE all those recent versions came out!) Last but not least, my current WIP is an MG fantasy with a bit of a nod to Roald Dahl and Diana Wynne Jones. Someday... I think you'll like it!